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Archival Criminal data functions as a resource for Advocacy.

The NCRB publication report sums 2647722 total cognizable crimes under the Indian Penal code (IPC) and 3992656 cases under the Special and local laws (SLL). The above figures generated annually, speaks largely about the collective and pressing problem of fast increasing crime rates in the republic of India. Let us take the criminal cases in Chandigarh as an example to study and understand the rising trends of crime. Crimes against women, children and the weaker sections of the society for example are an area of concern. Let us take the lawyers in Chandigarh for example; lets analyze the position of crime and law in the territory; very few will be able to give you a convincing overview. The improbability of the same comes from the changing and dense texture of crime, the patterns and its nature in the country. Even the best criminal observers in Chandigarh, barring the ones with a gifted eye for the criminally eccentric and have the flair to categorize them in their distinct premises. These include the Crime in Mega cities, Crimes against the body, Crimes against Children, Crime against Women, Juveniles in conflict with law, Custodial Crimes, Crime against property etc to enlist the larger metrics.

Lawyers for criminal cases in Chandigarh, for example will access crimes as in comparison with the regional criminal data of state police records of the of the past year. Collating this data into a unified report has been a resourceful amenity for the policy makers, Criminologists, administrators, crime analysts, law educators, media and non-governmental organizations besides the lawyers; data such as this becomes prep material. To find a case similar to the one they are currently engaged with, and use the details, evidence, observations and verdict to understand the cues they could use. The archival annals of a certain region, in this case that of the criminal cases of Chandigarh, are crucial to law and strategy of the region viz. Chandigarh.

The cognizable crimes under the IPC or the Indian Penal Code for that matter have increased substantially since data collation was introduced as a yearly practice. Criminal cases in Chandigarh are just a component of national figures that have risen from 601964 in the year 1953 to 2647722 in the 2013 report under the IPC precinct. These includes various segments inclusive of rape, kidnapping, criminal breach of trust, counterfeiting, dowry deaths, assault on women with intent to outrage her modesty, Death by negligence drawing out as majority. Regionally too this forms as a division to calculate cases pertaining to a certain crime. These in the end become the ample statistical data to conduct and evaluate the ground reality, with geopolitical ramifications as the Home Secretary, Mr. Anil Goswami summarizes.